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Customs Doesn't Have to be Complicated

We take the complexity out of the Customs Brokerage process

Triumph’s approach to Customs Brokerage helps you navigate the confusion associated with clearing your shipments at the border. Our focus is saving you time, reducing your frustration and, above all, avoid the financial impact of compliance issues and unnecessary fines.

We carefully plot your route through the complex regulations and take the necessary care and due diligence to ensure your products stay on course.

Our Customs Brokerage service includes:

  • Expedited electronic entry processing
  • Full electronic suite of file transfer solutions
  • Enhanced, Single-Point-of-Contact release and acquittal procedures
  • Advanced Trade Data (ATD) and 10+2 specialist support for streamlined and accurate E-manifest filings
  • Electronic Carrier Release Notification System (RNS) advisement (E-mail and SMS messaging)
  • Reviewed and approved Customs Acquittal Declarations by a professional licensed custom broker
  • Benchmarking of compliance history via a Compliance Overview Report (COR) prior to account implementation
  • Web based compliance reports
  • Document imaging
  • Direct security reporting options
  • Export licenses
  • Non-Resident Importer (NRI) account implementation support and procedural guidance

Triumph offers in-depth consulting services to our clients

Our skilled team of Customs Brokerage professionals allows us to fully review and ensure that your filings comply and capitalize on the specific regulations that govern your particular products. Whatever your requirements, we find the advantages needed to expedite the processing of your customs projects.

Our services integrate perfectly into your existing international trade activity. Through continuous investment in people, technology and education, we are committed to guaranteeing long-term relationships dedicated to improving your experience at our borders.

We offer:

  • CBSA Audit preparedness
  • Administrative Monetary Penalty System (AMPS)
  • CBSA Audit response and resolution
  • Effective duty recovery
  • Appeals and refunds
  • Duty drawback and remission
  • Advanced Customs Ruling requests
  • Border Security Initiatives – C-TPAT/PIP
  • Post entry/recovery services
  • NAFTA verification, solicitation and training
  • Review tariff classification and valuations
  • Implementation of compliance programs
  • Conduct webinars and seminars
  • Creation of customs manual
  • In-house training

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