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Your Single Source for all Things Shipping

We now provide single source freight management solutions

Our company is very proud of our long history in freight forwarding and the accomplishments of our founder Harvey REI who started Triumph Express in 1988. We have listened and learned from our customers and have created an infrastructure over time that allows us to do so much more than handle your ocean freight shipments.

Our professional team now provides a full menu of warehousing services that allows us to operate a two-hub gateway to all of North America. Along with our in-house customs brokerage department, we have specialists in trucking and intermodal transportation that can deliver just about anything, anywhere in North America.

We have grown slowly but deliberately to ensure the same quality standard for all our service offerings. Our expertise continues to be the import and export requirements between China, the India subcontinent and South-East Asia markets with all of Canada, and has expanded to include the USA and Mexico. To accomplish this, we set up warehousing operations in Vancouver and Toronto, built up our partner carrier network and fine-tuned our highly visible order management process.

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