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Shipping Has Never Been So Easy

Our expert team takes charge from the word go

As part of our company’s evolution over the last 30 years we have been diligent with:

  • Recruiting, retaining and developing a strong team
  • Providing thorough and ongoing training
  • Embracing the latest technologies
  • Investing in the proper facilities
  • Understanding our customers’ exact requirements
  • Managing the simplest to the most complex shipment requirement

Our processes for order management are well developed

Vendors in Asia are able to upload order status through EDI or a simplified custom Excel file. All the order details are reviewed prior to shipping approval. The purchase order is the foundation of the process and is a pivotal reference point enabling enquiries from the time of order to the last mile of delivery.

Our process creates a very flexible multi-dimensional order inquiry. The vendor and order synchronization is customized to predetermined milestones. The end result is seamless end-to-end visibility from the first mile to the last mile and all points in-between.

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